EJBCA 7.4.1 Upgrade Notes

Below are important changes and requirements when upgrading from EJBCA 7.4.0 to EJBCA 7.4.1.

For upgrade instructions and information on upgrade paths, see Upgrading EJBCA. For details of the new features and improvements in this release, see the EJBCA 7.4.1 Release Notes.

OCSP Signing Cache Update by Default Disabled

As of EJBCA 7.4.1, the OCSP signing cache update is not performed by default if the CA issuing the certificate is not known. This improves the performance (by reducing database hits) when EJBCA handles OCSP requests, especially in clustered environments.

To enable OCSP signing cache update, and restore the old behavior if needed, select the Enable OCSP signing cache update option (disabled by default) in the global OCSP configuration section (System functions > Internal Key Bindings > OcspKeyBinding). For more information, see OCSP Responder Management.

Post Upgrade

Being a minor release, no post upgrade is required.