Creating a custom RA application using EJBCA Web Services and Java

For older versions of EJBCA: A fully working RA Admin sample program, written using Java and EJBCA web services, may be downloaded from the WebServiceRA project on SourceForge.

This Java program provides a UI for creating and querying end entities. All communications with the appserver are via EJBCA web services.

It includes wizard dialogs that prompt the user for the type of certificate to create, that prompt the user to enter values that define the subject DN, that allow the user to receive an email notification containing the password for the new end entity, that allow the user to choose between adding the new end entity to the EJBCA database and actually generating the certificate (as a P12 or JKS file).

Further information on this application can be found in the project's README.txt (building and running the application), its troubleshooting.txt (further tips on running the application), and todo.txt (notes and issues for developers).

A short movie demonstrating the program may be viewed on YouTube, or downloaded from SourceForge.